Spotlight On Coconut Oil for Beautiful Skin ….

2nd Jun 2016


Coconut Oil is a fantastic moisturiser, filled with vitamins and minerals and proven to improve skin hydration. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin smooth, soft and fragrant. I grew up in the Pacific Islands, and it really is the fragrance of my childhood. I can’t smell coconut without smiling, which is why it is definitely my favourite daily body moisturiser.

Coconut Oil has also been shown to speed wound healing, and has antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

I use Coconut Oil in all of these products: 

Coconut & Jasmine Cleansing Oil

Coconut Body Oil

Coconut & Lime Deodorant

Rose Night Serum

Eucalyptus Balm

Calendula Balm

Vanilla Lipbalm

Make Your Own Coconut Body Scrub

½ cup of warmed/liquid coconut oil (organic virgin oil is the best, not the deodorised stuff that is chemically processed and has no fragrance) OR use Lhami Coconut Body Oil

1 cup of coarsely ground sea salt (try the Saxa Rock Cooking Salt bags from the supermarket) OR raw sugar

A few drops of Vanilla extract for extra yum factor

In fact this is so divine I might add it to the Lhami range…

Beauty Food

I drink coconut water (straight from the coconut) regularly and use desiccated coconut weekly in my granola, muffins and homemade chocolate. I use coconut cream and oil in puddings and curries.

Raw Chocolate Recipe 

(for Thermomix.  Use a double boiler at the lowest heat if you don’t have a thermomix)

You need:

150g raw cacao butter 

50g cacao powder

65g maple syrup

Sea salt

1. Chop cacao butter 5 sec speed 8

2. Melt for 13 mins at 37 degrees, speed 2

3. Add cacao powder and salt, mix for 1 minute at 37 degrees, speed 2

4. Pour into silicone moulds (kmart) or pour a slab into a shallow dish and drop different toppings on it. For example… coconut, dried cherries, chopped licorice, chopped preserved ginger, almonds, chilli flakes….

5.Set and store in the fridge.

*you can buy this from Nurtured Earth Organics on the Central Coast or Honest to Goodness