The Ultimate Lockdown Pamper Pack

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The Ultimate Lockdown Pamper Pack

The Ultimate Lockdown Pamper Pack contains:
French Clay Face Mask
Organic Rose Bath Salts (in resuable jar)
Coconut Body & Bath Oil
Face Oil*
Rose Geranium & Pink Clay Soap
Super soft bamboo face cloth
Vanilla Lipbalm

A bit about the Bath Salts...This is my special blend. If you love them let me know and I'll make them available for separate sale. They are a mix of Epsom Salts and Dead Sea Salt, with organic rose oil, rose petals, jojoba and rose geranium oil. Dead Sea salt is special because it is so high in minerals. Lie back and relax while the magnesium soaks in and recharges your whole body.

*either Calming or Nourishing Face Oil