Hello lovely customers!

Lhami (Lah-mee) is all about making your daily rituals special. Every Lhami product smells beautiful, feels gorgeous on your skin and contains ingredients that nourish mind, body & spirit. 

I make the majority of the products here on Qld's beautiful Sunshine Coast. My property is next to a forest and there are an amazing array of native birds and creatures who visit. 

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Since I was little I’ve been blending oils and perfumes. I studied aromatherapy & organic/plant chemistry as part of a science degree, then studied cosmetic chemistry with the head chemist from one of France’s leading cosmetic companies. Lhami began as a market stall at local artisan markets and has built to a business with a growing network of retail stockists and an international e-commerce store. You can also find my essential oil range in the rooms of the exclusive Vatuvara Island Resort in Fiji.

I am PASSIONATE about nature and looking after our amazing planet. I'm currently back at Uni full time completing a science degree in Ecology. It's pretty busy juggling Lhami, uni and family but I love it.


Why organic?

Indigenous people worked out over thousands of years that the earth is what sustains us, and that we have to respect and care for it for our own survival.  Somehow this essential wisdom seems to have been pushed aside in the manic consumerism that is driving the world today, where the earth is seen as a resource to be plundered with no concern for the consequences.

I don’t want Lhami to be part of that.  Wherever possible, I use Certified Organic ingredients.  That way, I know they have been farmed or harvested sustainably, in a way that ensures biodiversity and protection of the environment.  It means there are no pesticides or chemicals in the plants or the soil where they are grown.  And it means that the people who are growing the plants are paid fairly, and work under good conditions.


Helping those in need...

Lhami actively supports the following organisations, thanks to you!

Wires Caring for injured wildlife

Birdife Australia Advocating for the conservation & protection of our amazing birds

and Lhami is Certified Cruelty Free!


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I hope you love the products!