Winter Skincare

8th Jun 2017

Are you finding your skin is really dehydrated at the moment?

I seem to spend all day putting on lipbalm and handcream, trying to compensate for the dry air from having a fire going 24 hours a day.  Misting with a natural room spray helps keep some moisture in the air. It’s easy to make your own in a spray bottle with water & a few drops of essential oils.  Antibacterial oils like lemon, eucalyptus and lavender are perfect as they keep germs at bay as well as making the room smell lovely.

Lhami essential oils

If your face is feeling drier than usual, try adding an extra layer when you moisturise.  eg Face Oil (essential!) + Serum + Cream. Morning and night. 

Don’t use cleansing products in the morning – only at night. You might want to switch from Cleansing Gel to a Cleansing Milk.

Hydrating Face Mist is really good to have on hand during the day to stay refreshed, as is the luscious Lhami lipbalm, which won’t dry your lips like mineral-oil based lipbalms.

Skincare range

For your body - oils, oils and more oils! 

Body Oil range

In your handbag - a tin of Shea Balm is perfect for lips and the back of your hands. Calendula Balm is great before bed as an ultra rich healing balm for hands, décolletage and arms. 

For something different, there is also the Moisturising Body Bar. This is a solid bar which melts on contact with your skin. It’s much more protective than a cream or lotion, and it smells beautiful!

Body Bar

If you want to try everything, the Winter Box is perfect and exceptional value.

Winter Box

Remember to drink lots of water and herbal tea, and stay warm!