Lhami Essential Oils

15th Nov 2016

“The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day” Hippocrates

Essential oils are extremely potent and have powerful properties to heal and improve physical and emotional wellbeing. There are so many wonderful oils to choose from and many different applications. They can be used individually or in a blend, in any combination you like to revitalise, calm and uplift your senses.  I only sell the highest quality essential oils, 100% pure and certified organic where available.

Essential Oils

My signature oil blends…

Sometimes it’s easier to use a pre-made blend where the oils have been balanced for full aromatic benefits.

Clarity Peppermint, Lavender, Grapefruit and Mandarin. I love this one for focus and if I feel a bit tense or fatigued. It’s excellent as a mid afternoon pep-me-up.

Relax A beautiful synergistic blend of uplifting sweet orange & grapefruit balanced with calming jasmine, lavender, chamomile & frankincense.

Refresh A garden fresh blend of lemon,grapefruit & bergamot balanced by geranium and a hint of rosemary. This is a lovely happy oil, perfect to lift your spirits and freshen the air.

Calm A super grounding blend. Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Neroli, Jasmine & Vanilla are deliciously heady and exotically appealing. 

Boxed set in handmade wooden box

How to use them:

Aromatic bath / Massage / Body Oil

Add a few drops to a tablespoon of carrier oil. Organic Unscented Body Oil oil is ideal. Try the Calm or Relax blend before bed.

In the Shower

Sprinkle a few drops on the wall to create fragrant steam!

In a Vaporiser/Oil Burner 

About 10 drops in water for a tealight oil burner, and 3 drops for an electric vaporiser. 

Pulse Point perfume 

Add 2.5ml of essential oil to 7.5ml of carrier oil and fill a glass roll-on bottle. Perfect to carry around with you and use anytime of the day on temples, neck & wrists.

Room Spray

Add 1tsp of oil to a spray bottle of distilled water & shake well before every use

Spray Cleaner 

All purpose cleaning – for one spray bottle mix ½ cup vinegar with distilled water and add about 20 drops of oil. Good oils for cleaning are Refresh, eucalyptus, may chang, lemon & orange.


I add eucalyptus or lemon oil to every wash with the detergent, and a couple of drops of something fragrant to the rinse cycle. My favourites are Clarity, Refresh, lemon and lavender.

Important information!

Babies & toddlers

When I studied aromatherapy the general consensus was that lavender, chamomile & mandarin are the safest oils to use, and then only if diluted to 1% in carrier oil.


Essential oils are best avoided completely for the first trimester, then only certain oils are okay to use in minute amounts. This is because many essential oils have a direct effect on the uterus and can cause contractions. Do not use jasmine, sage or oregano oils at any stage during pregnancy.

Read the label! Always make sure you are buying pure essential oils. 

Oils labelled ‘fragrant oil’ are 100% synthetic. 

Oils labelled ‘premium commercial’ often only contain 20% of actual essential oil, the rest being natural or synthetic ingredients. 

The term 'Therapeutic Grade' is a bit confusing as there is no official ‘grading’ system for essential oils, unlike organic certification which is done by a 3rd party. Legally, for a therapeutic claim to be made in Australia, a product is required to be registered by the TGA and must have a license number on the label. 

‘Food Grade’ means the oil has been highly refined to meet government standards, so is no longer ‘pure’ and in it’s original state.

Essential oils should never be ingested unless under the specific advice of someone degree qualified in herbal medicine or aromatic medicine. They are highly concentrated and can be extremely toxic when taken internally and cause damage to organs and the gut mucosa. There are a few exceptions to this – such as a drop of pure peppermint or orange oil in a batch of homemade chocolate.